The best treatment for ringworm?

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The best treatment for ringworm?
I have 3 spots of ringworm on my body and I want them gone!! I’ve been using micatin for over 5 weeks and during that time I’ve have 2 more spots pop up. It is going away VEERY SLOWLY, but I’d really like to speed things up.. I have a 3 year old and I’m terrified that I’m going to give it to her, so I avoid hugging and playing and it’s really getting depressing. I just want this thing gone.

What are some speedy treatments people have used? I’d really like to hear from people who have actually had experience with this.

Does anyone in Canada know where I can buy fungrx or dermisil in stores? I can’t buy online, I don’t have a credit card. Does anyone know if these products work any better than micatin? I would LOVE fast results. Any advice is appreciated :)

Thanks for reading :)

Suggestion by E.A.
This may sound strange, but let me tell you what happened to me. I had ringworm on my leg. I went out sunbathing and my shorts covered up half of the ringworm. Within two days the part not covered was gone. The next couple of days I pulled up my shorts to expose the rest of the ringworm when I was getting sun. Within days it was all gone. It never came back.
This was in southern California and the sun was very hot there, but it should work elsewhere. It just might take longer.

Suggestion by mimi
ok i had ringworm for a year, the drs told me it was cancer and put me on anti-cancer drugs (ya it is called the american health system) here are some cheap, easy, and safe things to do…

monistat or lamisil (yeast infection of athletes foot cream) apply some after you wash with the orange antibacterial soap (dial) and do a sea salt scrub (i used the salt made for salt water aquariums lol, fungi hate salt!!) after you dry off and apply the monistat then cover it with liquid bandage, this will keep the medicine in and air out so the ringworm cant breathe.

monistat wont work or you want a natural alternative then try tea tree oil or lavender oil.

i have also used cheap ol’ iodine but it turns your skin orange for a bit, it really worked though!

genitian violet is awesome! it is very effective but will turn everything it touches purple.

coal tar soap can also be used instead of dial.

i finally had to resort to something drastic since the cancer meds make the ringworm into super ringworm! i filled my bathroom sink with warm water, poured a capful of bleach in and soaked my hand for 2 minutes 2x daily, it went away but i am not comfortable telling people to soak themselves in bleach, worked for me though.

if you can take a swim in the ocean and a lay on the beach it will help, the ringworm will hate the salt water and the hot skin burning its layer of skin off!

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Quarter-sized cyst in armpit…?
I have an infected cyst under my arm. It’s hot to the touch, red, hard (ok…that’s borderline naughty-sounding….) and it’s REALLY painful.

I’m going to the doctor tomorrow, and am wondering what they might do. Lance and drain it? Will I need stitches? How badly does it hurt? Will I be able to return to work afterward? I’m starting to get nervous!!!

I’ve read tons of stuff online, but would like to hear from someone who has gone through it.

Also…I had a small one on my face drained a few years ago, but it was tiny. I’ve also had Bartholins Cysts about 5 tmes and those were HELL. So…I am assuming this is somewhere in the middle?? (I’m thinking about making a Garbage Pail Kid card of myself and calling it “Cyst-er Christian” — don’t know why I get these so much!)


Suggestion by roy
Yo dude , I had one of those on the side of my neck . At the time I got it , I was going to the hospital for brown reclouse spider bites . That’s what I thought it was . I had several bites on me and was really sick . I though that was a bite a well but while I was laying on the bed in the emergency room , suddenly I was surrounded by doctors and befor I knew it they had me pinned where I couldn’t move and this other doctor stuck me in the neck with that needle . a few minutes later , couldn’t feel nothing when he lanced and drained . He was done in five minutes and never bleed more then a few drops. Healed up real nice with no stitches or even a band-aide . That first shot ot two to deaden , aint gona lie to ya , it’s gonna hurt . But you’ll be better when they get done with ya . Just relax .
As for my spider bites , treatment for them is not bad if you catch it early . 2nd or 3rd day and you;ll be ok . any later than that , and it get’s real bad real fast.
Good luck and just relax. You’ll be fine.

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Best Overall Protein Powder? BSN Dessert or Syntha – 6? what about Nitro Tech? ?
Hi, I read about Muscle Tech Nitro Tech protein. It Claims it is 24 times mroe powerful than Whey Protein and you gain like 8 pounds of muscle in the first 2 weeks.

Now those are pretty big claims for a protein powder. It seems like it is more powerful than any other protein. I will probably buy it with my gold card and GNC or online not sure yet I just need to find out if there is anything better out there.

BSN has Syntha-6 and Dessert which both seem promising but They are both protein powders and I am not sure which one of those 2 are better. Dessert seems to have a lot of good flavours named after good Desserts like Cinnamon Rolls and stuff. But Syntha-6 is newer I think and probably has less carbs and fat.

Basically I just want a single protein that will give results. I dont care how bad it tastes cause I could drink anything. Preferably something that has slow and ast releasing protiens because I dont have the time or money to buy 2 or 3 different kinds of protien powders like some people use Cassien protein before bed and then a different kind when they wake up etc.


Suggestion by Mass Nutrition

One of the main difference between the MuscleTech Nitro-Tech protein is that it contains Creatine, so you will noticed an difference in muscle gain and size.

BSN Syntha-6 is a time-release protein, it contains different type of protein, good fats and fiber. Many people will take the Syntha-6 at before going to sleep. Syntha-6 has 22 grams of protein per scoop.

The BSN Lean Dessert has 20 grams of protein per scoop and it’s also a time release protein.

Hope this helps!

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