Please read if you have any knowledge at all about WARTS?

how to read palms

Please read if you have any knowledge at all about WARTS?
I was hoping to find out what I can do to stop warts on my fingers from spreading?

Please, please take the time to read this. I’m sorry it is a little long :s

I started out with one wart on the palm side of my pointer finger at the first knuckle, which turned into a big cluster of maybe 12 small warts. Soon, I noticed a few on the thumb of that hand. I tried to cover them with band-aids quickly after I found those ones (earlier today) in an attempt to avoid spreading them elsewhere, but then I saw one on the side of the base of my pointer finger on the other hand! I checked the thumb (because I tend to touch my thumb and pointer finger together, which probably caused the ones on my other thumb) and there was another one!

I am concerned that they will spread to other places such as my face or eyeballs. I have tried so hard to avoid touching my warts to anything, and have gotten small blisters on the rest of the hands from trying to do things without using my pointer fingers or thumbs. When I use only my palms and three fingers on each hand to do things, it makes my life really difficult. I think I might have a mental breakdown if I find another stinking wart on my body. I’m not even joking.

How do I stop my warts from spreading? Is there a way to get rid of small warts? How do I know if they are really warts? Is there some way I can make my body get rid of them naturally?

I am really desperate for everything to go back to normal…

Suggestion by mz_dazed
These warts are just telling you that your immune system is VERY low. You need a full blood evaluation (tests) and make sure to check your vitamin D level. It has to be at the top of the range to get rid of your warts. Maybe your white cells are low. Go and see your doctor.

how to read palms

How do I stop getting so anxious?
I am a student and I used to be fine about reading out in front of, or for the class, but ever since this one time when I had to say a few lines in front of my whole year, I’ve been soo nervous! My palms get a little sweaty, my heart races, and then if the teacher does pick me to read, I start to choke up on my words, and I have to start swallowing and my voice goes all shaky, please help me overcome this it’s so embarrassing!!!

Suggestion by E
Go to nature and denounce capitalistic society. You will then be in touch with your oversoul. Transcendentalism never fails. OR join speech team. It solves all problems. Either one is a good option.

Suggestion by drmark27
Watch the documentary called _The Secret_ (2006). Here’s a description:

how to read palms

Excessive Sweating, all over body?
I sweat alot…I mean alot….Im 5’7 185 pounds, in the Army. I am fairly fit for my age, 30, eat healthy and am all around healthy. I sit and watch TV…I sweat…I am out 5 minutes working in the yard…im drenched…at work…heh…I am razzed all the time for how much I sweat and have to drink loads of water or get faint and tired fast. I go thru 3-4 shirst a day at work to avoid heat rash…prickly heat…nastly needle like pain that I wouldnt wish on anyone…I sweat more when wearing a helmet…obviously..but more than anyone I know…I keep getting told by a certain few…that I should go get it checked out…they say I have hyperhydrosis…but from what I read…thats mainly dealing with sweaty palms…feet…face…mine is all over sweat…If I dont eat for a day…I can loose 5 pounds…but have it back the next day…my weight can change on a dime…im not fat..I do have a little gut…that never has gone away…I am just wondering if this is something i need checked out

Suggestion by Guillaumeb
Only a supposition but what about sports? Practising a sport on a regular basis might train your body to sweat only for harsh effort with time

Suggestion by Thad

I’m sixty-two. Had same “zackt” problem for decades. Fir like you at thirty, sicker and sicker into my forties and fifitie, anxiety, agitation for NO reason, worse and worse.

Most medical help pharma drugs worked like hell.

Literraly, bloated and hypertensive gained over forty pounds in less than ten years.


Until I discovered that I suffer from a metab condition which causes electrolyte DEFICIT on a unstoppable basis. From sweat ITSELF and kidneys. I am MORE THAN ALL ELSE a Magnesium Waster.

Drinking water strangely enough worsens it by diluting further what little you can normally retain.

Solution: I take Magnesium gluconate tablets plus other minerals and avoid JUKNK foods most especially carbos lie sugar.

Gues what I am reborn, and feel like a resurrected man.

Not a joke, I honestly feel sorry you should go through this heck. Your health is harmed, no question.

Pls email me if you like. Click on Thad.

Good luck

Suggestion by Doc
Have you ever heard of Diaphoretics: Blue Vervain, Yarrow, Spearmint, ginger root, catnip, bone-set, and chamomile ( These herbs induce detoxification by increasing perspiration, thus ridding the body of toxins through the sweat glands. The effects are maximized when taken in a hot soup or tea form.

You may want to check the labels of some foods you consume on a regular bases, and if you are of the Asian persuasion, check with mom or grand ma to see if they are adding any of these herbs to your soup, or as a health tonic if so, greatly reduce or stop consumption immediately.

Hope this helps, if not get back to me ill see what other information I can dig up about you condition.

Suggestion by Mike
These suggestions / ideas are good. But there is another thing that may help you. It sounds like you may have a syndrome called Hyperhydrosis. Its where the body’s sweat glands produce an excessive amount of sweat. Even while doing nothing. Their are a few of ways to help with this condition. 1 is diuretics, the other is a lazer surgury that actually removes some of the sweat glands.

I would highly advise you to talk to your physician about this matter no matter what avenue you choose.

Good Luck!

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