Lose 100 pounds in 4-5 months?

how to read palms

Lose 100 pounds in 4-5 months?
My friend is 13 && qoinq to be enrollinq in a new school in about 13 months.She is about 230 pounds && wants to shed about 100 pounds,but she said that she wants to lose the weiqht in about 4-5 months,I quess she wants the weiqht off fast.

She asked me for help,but I’ve never had that problem like that =/ So,how can she lose the weiqht fast without usinq equipment (she doesn’t have any)? && What are the best intense excerises to shed the weiqht..fast?

&& This is REALLY for my friend,NOT me.

BTW,I read that eatinq 2 small palm-size portions a day,eatinq fruits,&& drinkinq alot of water will help you lose weiqht.Is it true?

Suggestion by Hannah Maree
well losing weight is always a good thing…for school..eh school is sh**t specially high school. its the most stereotype place in the world!! Im 16 and man oh man I could stab half of the idiots in my grade…but hey about the losing weight….dont use pills..my mum did and its not a good thing besides you guys sound pretty young to be thinking about that. I say do some exercise..its a pain in the butt at first but if you keep a routine of it your body gets the hang of moving around a lot. But do a sport that you guys enjoy and it doesnt have to be with a club..do it in your backyard (Y) eat a lot of fruit and veg and take Zinc tablets to make your skin look healthy and glow…annd try vitamin supplements.

good luck (Y)

how to read palms

Any ideas why I get tingling palms when I use the loo?
Whenever I’ve held on for long and rush to the toilet, while I’m peeing, my palms on both hands tingle. It’s not unduly unpleasant, although on rare occasions it is (not pain exactly, but how pins and needles are sometimes unpleasant). It’s mainly in the palms, but sometimes goes up to the fingers (almost following the ulnar nerve sensory innervation/c8 dermatome).
It only occurs when peeing (only when I’ve held on), not with any bowel movements or at any other time. I generally have poor circulation to my extremities (my fingers, especially the 4th finger, sometimes go blue in cold weather even with gloves on).
I don’t think it’s diabetes related as I don’t pee frequently or get thirsty, I’m not overweight and apart from a sweet tooth and being Black, I don’t have any of the risk factors.
I thought maybe the acupuncture point for the bladder might be in the palm, but it’s not.

It’s not really a problem per se, but I’m curious since I’ve never met or read about anyone who has this issue and don’t want to bother a doctor. Thanks in advance for your help!

Suggestion by pelican
I had not heard of it before until today, but I saw a forum where people talked about exactly that. This might not be much help but it is a start. Check here.


how to read palms

Sweaty palms? Tingly fingers?
Everytime I read a romantic book or see a romantic movie, and the guy character does something amazing…My fingers start to get all tingly and my palms get all sweaty.

Like when a guy character in a movie does something wrong and you can like see it in their eyes that they’re sorry, I get this like wierd feeling, like all tingly.

Or in a book when a girl describes a part about how the guy looks at her I start smiling and my hands get all sweaty and tingly.

What is this? Please help??!!!Does this happen to anyone else?


Suggestion by Mike R
That’s called feeling flushed. Its normal when people get excited over certain things.

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